Shaming the Unemployed

When there are 20 million people looking for work and 4 million job openings, it seems ignorant and cruel to blame individuals for remaining unemployed for a period of time.

You can likely tell a story of one person who worked their butt of pounding the pavement, willing to do “anything”, who found a job within a week that was well below their experience and training level, and paid a wage they would have trouble living on. You could tell that story and hold that person up as a role model to be followed.

But that’s the kind of story you would expect to hear from an oligarch looking for slave labor. And it does nothing to change the fact that there are still 20 million people trying to fill 4 million often-crummy slots.

Times like these require imagination and big picture thinking, not zoomed-in, nit-picking blame of individuals who are already down on their luck.